Recap IQ

The deepest level of deal content and risk analysis

Recap IQ provides comprehensive biopharma deal information where you can search for potential partners, conduct due diligence, assess deal value, and explore deal structures and terms. From broad market wide trends to tightly focused comparables, Recap IQ helps you make better decisions faster.
It features over 36,000 deal records that are updated daily, including press releases, SEC-filed contracts, and clinical trials data. Recap IQ is a unique source of unredacted contracts acquired through FOIA requests, giving you a complete view into the commercial details including post commercialization royalty rates. With Recap users can easily analyze partnering options, deal structures, and asset values based on the deepest available data.

Recap IQ Series: Enhanced content, analytics and visualization tools

The Recap IQ Series are a set of tools to help you derive further insight from the Recap IQ information with powerful visualization and analytics.

Deal Builder
With this core element of Recap IQ you can identify deal comparables, deal structure alternatives, and critical term deals. And locate potential partnership opportunities and conduct due diligence.

Valuation Analyzer
This additional module provides you with ready analysis and insights of our collection of 2,600+ deals with unredacted SEC contracts. And enables you to compare disparate deals with varying royalty rates, transfer prices and profit splits.

Development Optimizer
Available separately or as part of your Recap IQ subscription, this module uses highly curated pipeline data from 321 leading biotech companies giving you the information you need to study and compare attrition and advancement rates and identify potential partners.

Recap IQ's intuitive interface and analysis enable you to quickly make informed decisions based on data that is highly specific to your needs. At Recap we believe that the best deals depend on the best data. See for yourself the difference that deep deal and pipeline data can make on your business.