A good deal faster

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or license a drug candidate, our highly structured database of biopharma deals provide you the insight you need to support your own deals. Our analysis and reporting tools offer you rapid insight into critical deal making trends, uncover nuances in specific deal types.
Biopharma dealmakers can use Recap to:

  • Determine how much an asset is worth
  • Evaluate the right time to license your asset in the drug development process
  • Identify ideal partners for the best alliance
  • Determine which type of transaction is best for you
  • Compare market-based deal terms for different types of transactions

Recap offers two levels of access to its deals databases and analysis tools:

  • Recap IQ offers the fullest functionality and complete access to the deepest content available on biopharma deals.
  • Recap Explorer offers easy navigation for search and retrieval of specific biopharma deals and pay-per-view access to full contracts and data synthesis.